Education Research by the
American Education Improvement Project, LLC

Education Research Based Out of Wheeling, WV

The American Education Improvement Project, LLC, in Wheeling, WV, focuses on education research in the West Virginia school system. Founder Bradford Hartley has completed various education studies to determine the best way to continue teaching, including the effectiveness of standardized testing. These tests and teaching methods can easily leave a student ill-prepared for college, especially if they believe that these tests do not matter. 

The American Education Improvement Project, LLC, is here to help school administration and teachers. Research enables them to better teach and empathize with students and provide a more fulfilling primary or high school experience. For more information on our education improvement services, please contact us online. Our team proudly serves Wheeling, WV; Weirton, WV; Moundsville, WV; and the surrounding areas.

American Education Improvement Project, LLC, Promotes Quality Education

As children continue through elementary school into high school, one thing remains the same: standardized testing and teacher evaluation. The American Education Improvement Project, LLC, works to explore and describe the importance of teacher appreciation and the problems with forcing them to pass failing students. Their goal is to educate, and without that chance, teachers can quickly lose morale; not to mention the overall effectiveness of their teaching. Proper teaching and test preparation is crucial to college readiness, which our project works to improve.

Contact Us to Discuss Education Studies and Improvement Plans

If you are exploring different options to improve your school district or curriculum, contact the American Education Improvement Project, LLC, today. We work with administration throughout West Virginia to share our findings and help to improve various aspects of education. We work with teachers and administration serving all grades and ages of students. Our team can meet with you virtually or in person to discuss our education research.