College Readiness Study by the AEIP
Serving West Virginia

Education Research to Improve College Readiness

The American Education Improvement Project, LLC, offers a college readiness study to prepare schools for proper student engagement. Preparing for college is an essential part of a student’s high school experience, and they must have the proper tools and guidance to get there. Our founder has dedicated his time to education research and studies to find ways to improve college readiness in the counties of Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Wetzel, Marshall, and Tyler.

If you are looking for ways to improve college readiness and assist students in their learning, contact us today. Our team can meet with you online or in person to discuss current practices and to see where they can improve.

Recommendations from Our Founder

While there are many ways to increase college readiness in schools nationwide, founder Bradford Hartley has some recommendations for success. After spending three decades in the state school system, he understands how the system works and hopes to make improvements for current and future students. Some of these recommendations include:

  • Eliminating grade inflation
  • Making sure students take the appropriate classes to become college ready
  • Adopt a nine period day with eight instructional periods
  • Follow information from the ACT to improve college readiness
  • Eliminate exam exemption

View our full report for more information on our education study.

Contact Us to Discuss College Readiness for West Virginia Schools

When it comes to teaching, preparing students for college becomes increasingly important as students age. Since 2015, the AEIP has made it our mission to improve schools in the state and nationwide. Contact us online for more information on our education studies or to schedule a meeting. Based in Wheeling, WV, we are available to Moundsville, Weirton, and the surrounding areas.